What is tracing  
  What do we understand by tracing and logging?   

MAS XTrace


With few mouse clicks on the trace of software errors...

Software systems become more and more complex, the development of these systems becomes more and more expensive. The result: understanding the systems’ behaviour and understanding the internal software processes from “outside” is very difficult. Analyzing problems only based on subjective problem descriptions, especially coming from customers, turns quickly to a significant time and cost consuming factor – for your software developers and your service and support team.


Tracing at your Fingertips


The MAS XTrace Tool Suite is now available in a new version for C# .NET and Java, seamlessly integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 and Eclipse SDK. MAS XTrace efficiently supports you with powerful functions for visualizing and analyzing your internal software processes, with features like automated insertion of trace points, stepwise extending or focussing traces on-the-fly, and selective filtering to analyze special trace aspects.


The new features...


MAS XTrace provides many features and functions - for efficient error analysis and short response times in case of support

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